The Colorful Pumpkin Patch

The Colorful Pumpkin Patch

If you're gearing up for fall and are looking for a simple pumpkin activity to do with your preschoolers, you might consider checking out this fun emergent reader. It's great for practicing with sight words I, see, a, and an, as well as color and color word recognition!

Depending upon the skill level of your kiddos, there are two versions of the booklet - one booklet contains color cues (i.e. the color words are printed in their respective colors, pictured above) and one booklet invites students to identify the color words on their own (pictured below). Completion of the reader can be as simple or involved as you wish to make it. For instance, you might just invite students to read the sentence, identify the color word, and color the pumpkin the appropriate color. Or, as a more challenging activity, you might have students read the sentence, highlight each sight word found with a different color, identify and underline the color word, then color the pumpkin with the appropriate color. (Or, of course, you could select one focus sight word for students to find along with coloring the pumpkins, etc.)

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    The Colorful Pumpkin Patch

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