Thanksgiving Race To The Top!

Thanksgiving Math Graphing Preschool Printable
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The talented Vanessa of Pre-K Pages is at it again with an adorable Thanksgiving math game to go along with Alison Jackson's I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie {a super fun Thanksgiving read!}. Great for reinforcing early math concepts like counting, more/less, and graphing, Vanessa's printable contains pieces for constructing a game die as well as a recording sheet. The concept is simple, invite your kiddos to roll the game die and record the object displayed on their game mat. The game ends once one column has been completely filled.

As an activity/game extension, consider creating a worksheet that will help your kiddos analyze the data they've collected {like the example below}...

Thanksgiving Graphing Preschool Printable
Example data analysis worksheet

For this awesome math printable, be sure to visit Pre-K Pages! And, of course, don't forget to introduce your kiddos to Jackson's delightful tale!