Thanksgiving Math - Themed Roll & Color Printables!

Thanksgiving Math Preschool Printables
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Teri, first grade teacher and blogger at A Cupcake for the Teacher, created these adorable Thanksgiving themed roll and color games that would be perfect for your holiday math center! Between the seven worksheets, there are five variations of play...

  • roll one die
  • roll one die, add one
  • roll one die, add two
  • roll one die, subtract one
  • roll two die, count the dots

These printables are great for counting practice, numeral recognition, and working with simple addition/subtraction problems, however, you know the skill level of your preschoolers. While other options are offered, you can always use the traditional roll and color worksheets - i.e. students use one die or two dice, count the dots, and color the matching numeral.

For the adorable Thanksgiving math game downloads, be sure to visit A Cupcake for the Teacher!