Thanksgiving Emergent Reader

Thanksgiving Emergent Reader and Preschool Printable
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If you're interested in supplementing your preschoolers' reading this Thanksgiving season, check out this adorable emergent reader created by Malia of Playdough To Plato {shared via Lasso the Moon}. The cutesy colorful graphics paired with the predictable text will help your kiddos practice reading independently and the acorn pointer is just too cute!

Activity Extension

To emphasize the sight words used throughout the emergent reader, invite your students to highlight them as they read...

  • Use different colored highlighters for each sight word
  • Have students use different shapes for each sight word - i.e. circle "this", draw a box around "is", and star "a", etc.

For this adorable Thanksgiving themed emergent reader, be sure to visit Lasso the Moon!