Teaching Our History

It often amazes children when they learn that the United States wasn’t always a country and that the state they live in didn’t always have roads, buildings, or the other amenities they enjoy now. History units on the founding of our country and the exploration of the west always offer great opportunities to mix fun with learning. It may take a little coordination, but work with the teachers on your floor to bring history characters to life. Create inexpensive character-specific costumes, develop short informative monologues, and take turns performing these for your students. Not only will they enjoy seeing you dressed up, the wonderful human ‘visual aids’ will help them to engage and remember the information. Some fun characters include George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Sacagawea, Lewis and Clark, and many more!

Mix history with art. Just like reading, math, and science, children learn appreciation for history at a young age. Encourage this awareness by relating the subject to activities and hobbies they do enjoy. Art is a fun way to do this. Busy Bee Kids Crafts offers a wide variety of projects to be completed during your unit on western expansion including homemade mustaches, horses made from footprints, cowboy puppets, and many more!

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Cowboy-Western Crafts

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