Talk Like A Pirate Day - Design A Treasure Map

Pirate Geography and Game Preschool Printable
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{International Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th and there are tons of fun pirate themed activities for you and your preschoolers to have fun with together! We decided to take the first part of this week to showcase our favorite finds!}

The first, a simple pirate map printable, comes from Teaching Ideas! What preschooler doesn't like to find treasure?! Print the template onto light brown paper {or simple printer paper and use one of the techniques from to make it look aged} and try one of the following activities...

  • Create a treasure map for your kiddos to follow, hiding a clue at each location on the map, and have them turn in the collected clues for a special surprise at the end. {Can be played both inside and outside as a large group, in pairs, or even individually.}
  • Have your kiddos create a treasure map. Invite them to tour the classroom, scouting out the best location to bury treasure, then draw a treasure map. {As an extension, you might consider inviting your students to take turns hiding a coin with their picture on it in their chosen hiding place, then when finished, having them to swap maps with a friend, follow the map to find the treasure, and turn it in to you for a treat!
Treasure hunts naturally offer a great opportunity for talking about direction and sequencing - so you'll be able to squeeze some learning in between all the giggles and adventures!

[NOTE: If you're creating pirate themed worksheets or center activities, you can also use this printable as a fun page border to spruche up your printouts!]

For the fun map template, as well as tons of other pirate themed downloads, be sure to visit Teaching Ideas!