Summertime Sensory Fun with Rose Petals!

Rose Petal Sensory Fun
Photo Source: Rockabye Butterfly

Rockabye Butterfly featured a really unique idea for sensory play that we just have to share! It's a perfect idea for using wilted flower petals before tossing them out. Plus, there's an added beach-themed counting idea!

Rose Petal Sensory Play

If you happen to have a husband or significant other who enjoys suprising you with roses, this idea will be right up your alley to put those rose petals to use! As the flowers begin to wilt, remove the petals individually and add them to your student's sensory bin for a unique learning opportunity - so soft and silky, and the smell is sure to be incredible!

Rose Petal Fun for Sensory Play
Photo Source: Rockabye Butterfly

The example shows a container of wedding color roses. If you happen to have roses in an assortment of colors you could also extend the sensory play to practice matching, sorting and counting!

Beach Counting Sensory Idea

Sensory Fun Inspired by the Beach
Photo Source: Rockabye Butterfly

This summery idea is super simple to put together and is sure to keep your little ones engaged! Start by filling your sensory bin with sand. Then you will need 10 sea shells, a handful of pearls and a small container (all of these items could easily be located at your local dollar or big box store this summer). Place the pearls into the small container and into the upper corner of the sensory bin.

Use a black marker to number each shell 1-10. Have your kiddos start the activity by placing the shells into the sand in numerical order. Then they can use the pearls to count out each number. Allow the students to practice this important skill several times.

Beach Inspired Sensory Fun to Practice Counting
Photo Source: Rockabye Butterfly

Rockabye Butterfly has a great assortment of ideas for Early Childhood! Be sure to check it out soon!!