Summer Fun! DIY Water Run

Water Run Idea for Summertime Play
Photo Source: The Activity Mom

Enhance playtime at your water/sand table this summer by creating a DIY water run! Your kiddos are sure to love the change of pace from typical water play and they're going to love watching the water run down different paths over and over and us! And added bonus - you're going to love how inexpensive it is to create your own. Check out this creative idea that was posted by Nicole at The Activity Mom!

Setting Up Your Water Run

You'll need to find a wood fence or board you can use for setting up the run. Then it's as simple as using empty plastic bottles (milk jugs, water bottles, coffee creamer containers, etc.) tied to each other in a pattern cascading downwards (don't forget to cut holes into the containers for attaching and allowing water to pass through)! Nicole then used zip ties to attach her containers to her fence. If you're looking for something a bit more sturdy/permanent, you could always try screws and butterfly nuts instead.

For a complete breakdown of how to set up your water run, be sure to check out Nicole's blog. Then it's time to get the fun started. Bring in the kiddos!

Water Run Idea for Outdoor Play
Photo Source: The Activity Mom