Summer BBQ Printable Pack

Summer BBQ Themed Multi-Skill Preschool Printables
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Perfect for summer, these adorable BBQ themed worksheets from Lauren over at LAWTEEDAH are sure to be a hit with your preschoolers! We love the hamburger size sorting, the ketchup and hot dog pre-writing practice, as well as the vocabulary flash cards. Of course, there are several other activities as well that will provide your kiddos with some printing, counting, and problem solving practice!

To expand upon the pack, you might consider...

  • Creating hamburger lacing cards
  • Designing a ketchup, mustard, hamburger, and hot dog patterning exercise
  • Creating a number match - designing cards with different numbers of BBQ themed clip art images, as well as cards with numerals on them, inviting students to count the objects and find the matching number card

However, the pack has a lot of great activities as it is! To download these awesome BBQ themed worksheets, be sure to visit LAWTEEDAH!