Substitute Success

If you haven't been accepted for a full-time teaching position, it may be beneficial to explore substitute teaching options! Written by Val Mills, a retired teacher and contributing writer for Suite 101, here are some strategies for becoming a successful substitute!

It can be nerve-racking to enter a new classroom everyday. Not only do you have to brush up on normal class routines, subject matter, and procedures, the students are likely to 'test' your very authority from the minute they walk into the classroom. Here are a few suggestions for breaking the ice and having a productive class period.

  1. Relate to the students. Smile and greet them as they enter the classroom. Be sure to introduce yourself. If possible, tell them a story that they'll relate to or even use a bit of humor to catch their attention.
  2. Quickly identify potential troublemakers or class clowns. This is not so you can pick on them or label them, but so that you can assuage any potential behavior issues by making them feel important. Ask them about a certain classroom procedure or give them the responsibility of reporting back to their teacher about the day and how things went while they were gone.
  3. Show respect.
  4. Prepare. While the regular teacher will most likely leave an information packet, spend time on the school's website and also prepare fun activities that will interest the class (just in case). Being prepared will make you feel confident and help the day to run smoothly.

How to Be a Successful Substitute or Day Relief Teacher

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