Stocking Up On Good Behavior - Christmas Behavior Management Idea

Early Childhood December Behavior Management Idea

We've said it before - with the holidays right around the corner and the excess excitement for winter break, you're not only bound to run into more behavior issues, but you might also find it difficult for your students to focus in order to reach daily learning goals. This holiday themed behavior management idea is meant to be used in conjunction with your current system (that, perhaps, by this time has gone a bit stale) and hopefully infuse a bit of positive behavior reinforcement during a time when it can be hard for your students to make good choices.

Stocking Up On Good Behavior

Here's the gist;

  • We suggest starting this supplemental system the beginning of December in order to get your students excited and allow for it to gain some momentum as your holiday break approaches.
  • Create a display with a fireplace and stockings, creating and labeling a stocking for each student.
  • For each day that the student stays on green (on the clip chart) or demonstrates positive classroom behavior – i.e. coming to class prepared, listening for and following directions, staying on task, etc. - have them add a sticker to their stocking.
  • At the end of each week leading up to break, give students who have earned five stickers (one for each day of the week) a small prize. A piece of candy, a colorful eraser, the chance to use a fun writing instrument during class the following week, etc.
  • For the 'grand finale', sometime during the week before break, give students who have received a prize in each of the weeks leading up to break, a special prize. A pizza party, a certificate for ice cream in the cafeteria, a homework pass to use when you return in January, etc.

While this won't do away with disruptions and behavior issues altogether, it can be a fun and postive way to encourage your students to make positive choices in the weeks leading up to the holiday break!