Sticker Matching & Memory Games

Need new games for your preschool or kindergarten classroom? Here are two simple ideas that are fully customizable, will keep your students occupied for hours, and won't break the bank!

Supplies You'll Need

- Heavy card stock

- Word processing software

- Fun stickers (make sure there are two of each sticker)

- Velcro dots

- Plastic sheet protectors

- Contact paper

Sticker Matching Game Instructions

For our examples, we found fun animal stickers and made a farm animal matching game as well as a sea animal matching game.

  1. Download the game board template, changing the title, labels, and colors to match you sticker theme.
  2. Print onto sturdy card stock and place your customized game board into the plastic document sleeve.
  3. Download the game piece template. Place your chosen stickers within the game piece squares. You'll need 6 distinct stickers (i.e. for our farm theme we chose a horse, sheep, pig, cow, dog, and chicken).
  4. Cut out the sticker game cards and use contact paper to laminate each piece.
  5. Place half of each Velcro dot within the squares of the game board (apply directly to the plastic document sleeve) and the other half to the back of the game cards.
  6. To play, students will be given the pile of game cards and must stick the picture to it's proper label and place on the game board.

Sticker Memory Game Extension

Using identical stickers, create a second set of game cards. Shuffle the cards and place them face down on a flat surface. Play as you would any other memory game.

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