St. Patrick's Day Sudoku

st. patrick's day printable preschool sudoku activity
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Along with the shamrock pattern matching exercise from yesterday's post, Rockabye Butterfly also featured this St. Patrick's Day sudoku puzzle from DLTK-Holidays. While a typical 9x9 grid puzzle {where players must fill each square, row, and column using numbers one through nine with no repeats} is challenging for some adults and is certainly inappropriate for the age and skill level of your child(ren) or students, the combination of images and simple 2x2 grids in DLTK's printable will allow your preschooler to practice counting, develop problem solving skills, and successfully solve the puzzle. This game works best as originally designed - a file folder game. [NOTE: It looks like when the game was printed and assembled at Rockabye Butterfly, the original 4x4 grid was cut apart and may have been pasted to the folder in a different order. After your students complete each individual 2x2 square, it's nice to view the puzzle as a whole, showing them how each row, column, and square has only one of each picture/number. In the example above, there are several discrepancies that would make this difficult, so be cognizant of the correct layout when cutting and pasting.]

Here's the original puzzle layout from DLTK-Holidays - be sure to visit their site for the download!

st patrick's day easy sudoku puzzle preschool printable
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