Springtime Skip Count

spring skip counting printable worksheet
Photo Source: www.abcand123learning.com

Once your kiddos have mastered counting, you might consider introducing the concept of skip counting and getting an early start on this foundational math skill. There are various ways to attempt this.

Rachelle, creator of What the Teacher Wants! and contributor to ABC and 123, suggests using counting cards like these spring themed printable designs she created for practice with counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Working individually {or with a partner}, students can begin by placing the cards in the correct order {using a number chart as a reference} then recording the correct pattern of numbers on their worksheets. What's great is, these worksheets can then be added to a math journal or binder as a 'reference' for later exercise completion.

preschool printable skip counting math charts
Photo Source: homeschoolcreations.blogspot.com

If this is a hard concept for your preschoolers to wrap their head around, you might also consider using these skip counting charts created by Jolanthe of Homeschool Creations. They provide examples {showing the numbers in between} to help your kiddos understand what skip counting is all about! The entire set includes numbers 2 through 12, but you can certainly use your discretion, start with the easier intervals, and work from there based on how your child(ren) or students respond.


Click on the images to download each set of printables and give it a whirl!

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