Spring Alphabet, Printing, & Sight Word Practice

Spring Alphabet and Sight Word Practice Preschool Printables
Photo Source: 1plus1plus1equals1.com

Looking for some fun, educational activities to supplement your end of the year plans? One of the first places we look when scouting out preschool printables is 1+1+1=1! Carisa always does a phenomenal job creating exciting and engaging worksheets/activities for preschoolers...and they're all FREE! Already a huge fan of her spring tot pack, here's a look at several of our favorite activities...

Springtime ABCs

{Pictured above} Provided with 52 small cards, students are invited to identify the letter on each and create matches of upper and lower case letters. These little mini puzzles provide a great review of the alphabet, can be used to play various games, and are sure to offer and fun a colorful update to your literacy center! Not only that, with traceable letters, students will also be able to get some printing practice!


This little booklet is great for practicing with the sight word, 'see'. Cut the strips apart, laminate them, and assemble using a binder ring. Students can then use a dry erase marker to circle the focus word every time they come across it! For reading practice, have your kiddos partner up and take turns reading the booklet to each other!

For the full spring tot pack and lots of other goodies, be sure to visit 1+1+1=1!