Spice Up Your Activity Corner

Children need variety. Unfortunately, attempting to provide an assortment of games, toys, and activities can be rather expensive. Mother and creator of The Activity Mom blog has provided a fun and affordable way to spice up your activity corner and give your students something new to play with. Taking from the grocery store play set by Melissa and Doug, this crafty mother used common items from around the house to make a play store where children can practice sorting (e.g. produce, dairy, grains, etc.), counting, and handling money.

To make the grocery display, use two shoe organizers stacked on top of each other. These have built-in slots that will fit plastic storage bins and other organizers for keeping food and other items for sale. A counter can be made from a piece of shelving or other sturdy piece of board. Find an inexpensive play cash register, some play money, stock the bins with food and items to sell, make price tags, add hooks and plastic bags for carrying purchases, and your children will be in business! This is the perfect way to spice up your activity corner and help your children learn some valuable lessons!

The Activity Mom: Pretend Play - Grocery Store

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