Space Exploration

It’s easy to see how students can get caught up in learning about space. Not only is the information new and exciting, there are many unique crafts, games, and lessons that can only be experienced when studying about our solar system and space.

To add a technological twist to your lessons, offers many resources for children who are interested in delving deeper into the subjects of planets, constellations, black holes, navigating through space, and so much more. Additionally, NASA offers an interactive Mars exploration game online that provides students with a closer look at the ‘red planet’, its history, and the role of scientists in its discovery and study. A trip to the library or computer lab armed with these great websites and other comprehensive online resources can lead to interesting discoveries and discussions with your students. Inflatable planetariums set up in the gym or performing arts stage provide an exciting way to learn about, practice identifying, and observing constellations seen throughout the year. Similarly, many local universities and museums have their own fully operational planetariums and provide guided tours on site or are willing to send a personal liaison for classroom demonstrations and instruction.

However you decide to bring space exploration into the classroom, know that there are numerous resources at your disposal!

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