Simple Colored Glue Suncatcher Craft!

Photo Source: Time for Play

Looking for a fun way to spice up your classroom windows? How about making your own themed window clings or suncatchers? Better yet, how about getting your kiddos involved!? While you've certainly worked hard to get your classroom decorated and ready for your students, this room will also be your kiddos home for the next nine months and a craft is a great way to help them personalize the space/feel like they've 'left a mark' on the classroom too!

We found these awesome colored glue suncatchers over at Time for Play and thought they'd make a great option!


white school glue + liquid watercolors to create colored glue*

wax paper

black permanent marker

cookie cutters

single hole punch


*You can find a tutorial for colored glue at TinkerLab!

Making the Suncatchers

The process is really quite simple. Invite students to use permanent marker to draw a design onto a piece of wax paper, then fill in the design with colored glue. Leave the glue to dry for 24 hours, then carefully peel the designs off of the wax paper, punch a hole at the top, add a piece of yarn, and hang!

Photo Source: Time for Play
Photo Source: Time for Play

Other thoughts...

  • Choose a design that goes with your classroom theme and have students create elements to go with the theme. For example, in an ocean classroom, have students create ocean animals, seashells, coral, etc.
  • If students prefer tracing to drawing their own designs, provide simple coloring sheets that students can place their wax paper over and trace.
  • Cookie cutters work great for this project!
Photo Source: Time for Play
Photo Source: Time for Play

See, super simple, right!? Be sure to visit Time for Play for the original craft tutorial!