Silly Eyeglasses

At their core, children love to be silly. Since school can sometimes squelch this energy and attempt to redirect it, as a way of really speaking to your students, set aside some appropriate moments for giggling, laughter, and just plain silliness! While maintaining the boundaries of appropriate behavior, April Fool's Day can be a fun time to encourage your students to let loose!

Creative California art teacher Kathy Barbro provides just the right accessory--goofy eyeglasses! To begin, make several different eyeglasses templates so that students can choose their favorite shape, detailing, etc. Instruct them to trace and cut their own pair of glasses from thick card stock. A decorating station stocked with glitter, stickers, markers, and colored pencils should be set up for students to work on making their frames unique.
For silly eyes, Barbro suggests finding stock photo images to enhance and copy or having students draw their own inserts. When they have settled on the right 'look', instruct your students to cut them out (with the surrounding skin) and paste them into the frame openings. Students will enjoy posing for pictures with the finished glasses and taking them home to show siblings and parents. Just be sure to instruct them not to walk when wearing them. They will impede vision and could cause accidents.

ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS: April Fool's Eye Glasses