Sight Word Sentences & BINGO

Sight Word Game and Preschool Printable
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We love the colorful worksheets created by Renee and Heather of The School Sparks Blog and these sight word printables are no different! Providing a logical progression of learning and "chunking" for easier learning, you'll find five sets of preschool level sight word flash cards, a worksheet of sight word sentences to go along with each set, and five unique BINGO cards to use for review when your kiddos have completed all five sets!

Sight Word Flash Cards

Flash cards are a great way to introduce new vocabulary words because they're so versatile!

  • Print two sets, lay them face down, and have your kiddos test their matching/memory skills with a game of concentration.
  • Print two sets, cutting one set into 2- or 3-piece puzzles. Have your kiddos use the un-cut set as a guide to put the other cards back together.
  • Create a flip book - laminating the cards, punching a hole in the top left corner, and using a binder ring to hold the cards together. Students can then use this book for individual study and practice.

Sight Word Sentences

For younger learners, who may need a bit more practice before tackling the worksheet without help, cut the worksheet to create individual sentence strips. Invite them to match a set of sight word flash cards to the sentence strip on which the word can be found. For older learners, simply provide them with a worksheet and a highlighter, inviting them to find the focus sight word in each sentence.

Sight Word BINGO

The culminating activity (that will test your students' knowledge of all the sight words studied) - BINGO - is pretty self explanatory. Although you might consider using it as a word list for a sight word "scavenger hunt". Similar to the sight word sentences, prepare a special paragraph or newsletter in which your students must find the listed words, circling them on the paper and crossing them off their BINGO card/list.

These are just a few of the fun worksheets at The School Sparks Blog. Be sure to head over for these and other great downloads!