Sight Word Sensory Box & Graphing Activity

Sight Word Sensory Bin Activity Preschool Printables
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Help your preschoolers review high frequency words with this fantastic activity from Carisa at 1+1+1=1. {And yes, we do realize that we've been featuring quite a few of Carisa's printables lately! They're just so great! Stephanie at Shining Our Lights thinks so too - she and her boys worked on this exact activity several weeks ago.} Here's how it works...

  1. Prepare a sensory bin with colored rice, beads, or another colorful material that can easily be sifted through.
  2. Cut out and laminate the word strips, hiding them in the sensory bin.
  3. Armed with tweezers and a shallow bowl, invite your students to take turns finding the high frequency words in the sensory box.
  4. Once collected, have your kiddos sort the words and use the graph to record the number of each word found. Analyze the data finding which word students found the most of, least of, etc. Discuss vocabulary like more than, less than, equal, and other comparative math terms.

Other considerations...

  • Hide the words around your classroom or home and invite your kiddos to go on a scavenger hunt
  • Glue the words onto a piece of construction paper in random order. Have your students hunt for each group of sight words, circling them with a different color or drawing a specific shape around each.

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