Sight Word Leprechaun Coloring Page

sight word leprechaun St. Patrick's Day preschool printable coloring page
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This brilliant printable from the St. Patrick's Day mini-unit designed by Rachelle of What the Teacher Wants!, used as is or as inspiration for your own worksheet, makes a great addition to any celebration because it cultivates several skills all at once:

  1. Students learn/review common sight and color words.
  2. Students practice matching and following directions.
  3. Students develop the fine motor coordination and hand muscles {as they color} needed for writing.

Not only that, the printable is festive and will provide a fun learning center activity for your St. Patrick's Day classroom celebration!

Worksheet & Activity Considerations

As we mentioned before, this worksheet can be used as is or as inspiration for your own customized skill worksheet. For example:

  • If you're working on counting skills, replace the sight words with a specified number of dots. Students will then have to count the number of dots and match it to the appropriate numeral in the key at the bottom in order to find the correct color.
  • If you're working on simple addition/subtraction, replace the picture sight words with problems and sight words in the key with the various answers. Students must then solve the problem to find the correct color. [The best part is, multiple problems can have the same answer so you don't have to use repeats.]
  • If you're working on sequencing, replace the picture sight words with a step and the sight words in the key with a numeral. You will know if the students were able to put the steps in order by whether their picture has been colored correctly.

These are just a few ideas {they may or may not make sense! Sometimes you just have to see it and we, unfortunately, do not have any examples of the worksheet variations}! Be sure to visit Rachelle's full post at What the Teacher Wants! for the download and for some other fantastic St. Patrick's Day resources!