Sight Word Game for Kindergarten

Kelly, homeschooler and creator of the blog The Every Day Home School, shares a great game for making sight words a little more fun for your kindergartner.

Supplies You'll Need
- Jumbo craft sticks
- Recycled can, plastic cup, etc.
- Black Sharpie marker

Creating the Game

Using a black permanent marker, pen the unit's sight words onto one end of the jumbo craft sticks then place them (word end first) into your recycled can, plastic cup, etc. Add several blank sticks or "wild cards" containing an interesting word on them (e.g. "Moose!", "Unicorn!", etc.). While craft sticks are certainly inexpensive, you may not have the room to store oodles of "game pieces". If this is the case, consider using word processing software to print each sight word, cut and laminate them, then, using Velcro dots on both the craft sticks and words, create interchangeable game pieces. With this method, you'll be able to play using one unit at a time, throw in surprise "review" words from previous units, or mix them all up at the end for a giant review game! (NOTE: Print the words of each unit in a different color so they can be separated at the end of the year and reused!) Playing the Game

Place the sight word game pieces and "wild cards" into the recycled can (word end first). Take turns drawing sticks and reading the word on them. If read correctly, place the stick in a pile in front of you. If read incorrectly, return the stick to the can. If the student draws the blank or "wild card" they must return their whole pile of sticks to the can, keeping the blank piece out. The game resumes and is played as before. Play continues until all blank game pieces are drawn. When the last one has been accounted for, the student with the most sticks at the time wins (i.e. if there are only two students playing, the student with any sticks remaining will win!).

The Every Day Home School: Fun with Sight Words

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