Short & Long Vowel Picture Cards

Short and Long Vowel Sorting Preschool Printable
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To beginning readers, the English language {phonetically-speaking} can seem a bit tricky, especially when it comes to short and long vowel sounds. For all that practice with word families, who would expect that the “sand” you collected on your beach vacation would be pronounced differently than the fairy “wand” your sister got for her birthday? Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations has put together a simple short and long vowel beginning letter sound activity that should help your kiddos begin to sort out these confusing phonetic 'conundrums'. Each exercise includes vowel heading cards, as well as three picture cards containing images that go along with each beginning letter/vowel sound. Print and laminate each set for continued use, inviting students to line the pictures up under or beside the proper vowel card, or use the vowel headings to create and laminate sorting mats on which students can place the proper image cards. However you decide to use these printables, your students are sure to have a fantastic time learning about long and short vowel sounds!