Science Lessons For Little Learners

While there are many to choose from, the concepts found in science can seem difficult to tailor for effective learning in the preschool classroom. You have no doubt witnessed that your preschoolers rely on their own observations when learning: what they can see, what they can smell, what they can hear, etc. Here are some great lessons to use in your classroom science center that put these skills to work.

Fun With Ramps

Prop up a piece of wood or strong cardboard to create a ramp. Before explaining the exercise, have your students collect one item from around the classroom. As a precursor to the activity, show the student a few sample items that you have collected—a car, a book, a marble, etc. Ask them to predict what each item will do when placed at the top of the ramp: roll, slide, or remain motionless. Demonstrate with your own objects and then allow each student to try with their own. Adjust the height of the ramp and explore how this changes the experiment. Magnets

Provide each of your students with a magnet. Go on a ‘treasure hunt’ around the classroom; first having your students guess if the magnet will stick to a certain item, then allowing them to try.

Float or Sink

Fill a shallow dishpan with water and provide a tray of items. Ask your students to conjecture which items will float and which will sink. Allow them to experiment and share their findings.

Counting Legs

Show your students various pictures of animals. Have them count how many legs each animal has.

Science Center — PreKinders

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