Revitalize Old Crayons for New Art Projects

If your classroom is like most, you're certain to have a container of old or broken crayons that never get used. Sarah Briggs, Suite 101 contributor, provides three different crafts that will revitalize these scraps for masterful works of art.

Placemats with Crayon Confetti

In preparation for the activity, use a grater to shred the crayon pieces into fine shavings. You'll also need: contact paper, art tissue paper shapes, and craft glue. Lay a piece of contact paper, sticky-side up on each of your students' desks. Invite them to sprinkle crayon shavings in colorful designs and use tissue paper shapes to complete the picture. When students are satisfied with their pictures, provide them with a second sheet of contact paper to be placed on top (sticky-side down). Be sure to leave a border so that the pieces of contact paper will 'seal' the crayon confetti and tissue shapes inside. If the edges have a tendency to peel apart, use some craft glue for extra hold. Additionally, if you want to make sure the objects stay where they're supposed to, apply a light coat of glue to the contact paper before decorating.

For more ideas, visit Briggs' full post at Suite 101.

Creative Crayon Craft Ideas

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