Recognizing Relationships - Matching Relational Pairs

Multi Skill Printables for Preschoolers
Photo © Cookie™

In the same vein as yesterday's post, we found a huge collection of printable worksheets over at Cookie™ {a site that offers lots of great learning games, printables, and crafts for kids!} that will help your students learn and practice recognizing relational pairs/things that go together - spider and web, chicken and egg, lock and key, etc. With thirty worksheets featuring this skill/concept, your students are sure to master it! Featuring three different relation pairs on each printable, use the worksheets for individual practice or consider creating other learning activities by cutting the pictures from each of the worksheets and using the resulting cards to...

  • Create a more comprehensive version of the flip book we featured yesterday. {Click here to view the full post.}
  • Play a game of concentration or Go Fish!
  • Create a game of your own. For example, provide each player with five cards, placing the others face down in the center of the table. Have students take turns drawing a card - if the card completes one of their matches, they get to keep it. If the card doesn't match, have them place it in the discard pile. The first player to create pairs of all their cards, wins!

Cookie™ offers a great selection of worksheets exploring things that go together, as well as many that explore other concepts, so be sure to visit!