Rainbow Puzzle Cards & Activity Mats

Rainbow Color Puzzle Preschool PrintableThese cute rainbow puzzle activity mats and cards make a great addition to your free play learning centers, game table, or even your "Color Unit"! Under the guise of a game, students strengthen problem solving skills, review colors and color words, as well as learn to follow directions! Rainbow Puzzle Mats

  1. Rainbow and Color Puzzle Preschool PrintableUsing the template we found at Marcia's Lesson Links {included in the 'Rainbow Puzzle Mat' download}, create a full rainbow cutout of each color - red, orange, yellow, etc. - using construction paper, card stock, or foam sheets. Include white foam or paper cloud cutouts as well.
  2. Rainbow and Color Puzzle Preschool PrintableCut apart each rainbow cutout.
  3. Rainbow and Color Puzzle Preschool PrintableOnce cut out, students can mix and match the color strips to create various patterns and designs. Each rainbow puzzle mat features a different color order and, since the template used to create the cutouts is the same size as the rainbow featured on the puzzle activity mats, students can place the strips directly onto the mat to complete each sequence/rainbow puzzle.

Rainbow Puzzle Cards

Another way to complete this activity is to provide students with rainbow puzzle cards. Laminated and held together with a binder ring to create a "flip book" of sorts, students can use their paper or foam rainbow color strips to copy the rainbow sequences on the cards.

    Be sure to download your own set of cards and mats for some colorful fun!

    Rainbow Puzzle Cards & Activity Mats


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