Rainbow Lesson Plan for Your Preschoolers

Jenn, contributor to Totally Tots, has developed a fun, comprehensive lesson plan about rainbows for your preschool classroom derived for Betty Ann Schwartz's children's book, "What Makes a Rainbow?".


Incorporate Schwartz's vibrantly colored book and learn about weather, colors, and so much more! Your students will love the 'magic ribbon' that creates a complete rainbow at the end of the story! Invite each of your students to share a story about a time when they saw a rainbow. Have them describe the difference in weather before and after they encountered the colorful phenomenon. Sorting/Matching

Collect ribbon in the different colors of the rainbow. It is more visually interesting and provides a greater sensory experience in you can find different textures, materials, and widths. Cut these ribbons into small pieces. Invite your students to sort the scraps by color then create a ribbon rainbow on a piece of white construction paper.

Snack Time

Carry the rainbow theme into your snack time. Line up healthy snacks according to color.

Red - Apple or strawberry pieces
Orange - Orange wedges or carrots
Yellow - Diced cheese
Green - Green grapes or apple pieces
Blue - Blueberries
Purple - Purple grapes or raisins

For more rainbow ideas, check out the rest of Jenn's post!

Totally Tots: Once Upon a Book ~ What Makes a Rainbow?

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