Quick Patriotic Play Dough!

Looking for a simple activity to keep the kiddos entertained this 4th of July? Check out this awesome recipe for microwave play dough that we found over at Lesson Learnt Journal. While it doesn't keep as well as traditional stove cooked recipes, it's super quick and can be customized with extras to fit your theme! (In this case, Indpendence Day!)


play dough recipe

microwavable bowl/dish

play dough tools {optional}

Here's a printable recipe 'card' to keep in your activities folder!

Preparing the Play Dough

Seriously, the recipe couldn't be simpler to follow/make. Here's a brief picture tutorial...

Combine dry ingredients.

Add wet ingredients and mix well.

Because we'd planned to make three different colors, we separated the mixture into three different microwavable containers before adding our 'extras'.

Food coloring to create red and blue play dough...

...and glitter to add a bit of sparkle and shine! {We were pretty bummed to find out that we'd misplaced our red glitter. Oh well, maybe next time...}

After following the cooking instructions, we scooped the finished dough out onto our covered work station to cool.

When cool, all that was left to do was knead the dough to create a smoother texture and play!

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