Pumpkin Investigation Worksheet - Printable!

Pumpkin Investigation Worksheet - FREE Printable!
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Pumpkin Investigation Worksheet - FREE Printable!

We love this pumpkin activity/worksheet! It offers a great way for students to explore making and testing predictions - in a very festive way!!

This freebie will have your children exploring various science and math concepts, predicting and determining...

  • How many seeds are in the pumpkin
  • The size of their pumpkin
  • How many lines are on the pumpkin
  • Whether a pumpkin sinks or floats when placed in water
  • A place to record the description of the pumpkin
  • There's even a spot to draw a jack-o-lantern face!

As an added bonus, helping you scoop out the 'goop' and separate out the seeds, provides an organic sensory experience that your kiddos are sure to enjoy!

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