Pumpkin Patch Counting

Fall Pumpkin Fine Motor and Counting Preschool Printable
Photo Source: heidisongs.blogspot.com

Perfect for fall, this adorable pumpkin patch counting worksheet from Heidi over at Heidisongs is a great way to provide your kiddos with some fine motor practice as they build counting and numeral recognition skills!

The concept is simple...

Provide your students with a pumpkin patch counting mat, crayons, and fall themed manipulatives - acorns, orange pom pom 'pumpkins', fake/silk fall leaves, real pumpkin seeds, orange play dough {that can be sculpted into pumpkin shapes}, etc. Selecting a pumpkin on the worksheet, invite your kiddos to identify the numeral and count out the appropriate number of manipulatives. If the number is indeed correct, have them color in the pumpkin and repeat the process until all the pumpkins have been colored in.

The best part is Heidi provides practice for numerals one through thirty so, whatever their skill level, she's got your kiddos covered!

[NOTE: If using play dough and having your students form mini pumpkins, you might consider laminating the worksheet for easier use!]

For this awesome download and lots of other great teaching resources, be sure to visit Heidisongs!

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