Printable Apple Themed Play Dough Mats

Posted on October 12, 2014 | By kayla

Printable Apple Themed Play Dough Mats

'Tis the season for apple picking and cider! If you've planned an apple unit to do with your kiddos this fall, you might consider adding these fun printable play dough mats into the mix. Number recognition. Counting. Number word recognition. Fine motor skills. These are just a few of the skills your little learners will build as they play and learn!

The download includes activity mats for numerals one through ten. With each mat, students will identify the numeral and...

  • Add the correct number of play dough apples to the tree.
  • Use play dough to make the number word.
  • Make a ten frame using play dough apples.
  • Use play dough to make tally marks.

Paired with some fun homemade apple scented play dough - like this no cook recipe from The Imagination Tree - this activity is sure to be a hit!

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