President's Day - Designing A New Coin

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President's Day - Designing A New Coin
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President's Day - Designing A New Coin

President's Day provides a great segue for discussing money with your preschoolers. Provide coin samples and magnifying glasses, inviting your students to take a closer look at each. Have them identify the various elements shared by each coin {dates, slogans, etc.}, as well as observe the differences {feature faces, size, metal, etc.}. After an exploration of the current U.S. coins, try this fun activity...

Introduction: The United States Mint is looking to create a new collection of the coins - the "KID COIN$" Collection - and wants your students' submissions!

The Project: On the provided worksheet/submission form, invite your kiddos to design a new coin for the collection - featuring their face! Encourage them to think about the elements found our current coins, using the cutouts provided on the worksheet to add the same elements to their design, as well as make decisions on what will make their coin unique. Obviously, the coin will feature their face - making it instantly unique - but have them decide what color it will be, how large it will be, what other symbols they will include and why, etc. To go along with their coin submission, have your kiddos write (or dictate) why they think they deserve to be featured on a coin!

We're sure your kiddos will have a fabulous time with this exercise!