‘Pre-Spring Break’ Party

Easter comes at a unique time of year. Not only does it herald in the spring, most schools are gearing up for a week off school with their family and friends. Since your students’ will most likely be occupied with thoughts of the coming vacation, plan a fun ‘pre-spring break’ party for your classroom. Simple classroom decorations can be made during class craft times or created during your free periods. Provide each of your students with a card stock place mat that they can decorate and laminate for the special day. Treats are always fun for classroom parties. Make a list of the things you’ll expect to use (i.e. paper products, punch, cookies, etc.), then coordinate with room mothers or send a sign-up sheet around the classroom to make sure everything is accounted for. Provide removable tabs that students can take home to their parents. Also, if sending around a sheet for students, it may be prudent to personally or have an assistant make ‘reminder calls’ to parents a few days before the event.

As the teacher, it’s nice to do something special for your students to let them know that you appreciate them too. Activity Village provides some great Easter templates that will be a hit with the kids and spice up the classroom decoration. While they have originally been designed to hold and display decorated Easter eggs, they can also be used for Easter candy especially Cadbury eggs!

Foam Egg Cups - Kids Easter Craft