Play-Dough Shape Mats

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Get ready to bust out the play-dough - it's time for some shape review with these awesome work mats from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler! The amazing thing is, your child or student will think they're just playing when, in reality, they'll be strengthening shape recognition and honing fine motor skills like coordination, control, and focus!

How To Use These Mats

Begin by visiting Erica's blog for the download then print the mats onto sturdy card stock. To stand up to the wear and tear of play-dough (and play!), laminate the sheets or place them in plastic document protector sleeves. Here are a few application ideas!

Have your preschooler roll play-dough balls or practice making cubes then line them up around the shape.
Invite your child or student to roll long play-dough "snakes" to fit around the outside of the shape. If using multiple pieces, have them pinch the ends together.
Provide your preschooler with a pair of safety scissors. Invite them to roll long play-dough "snakes" then snip small pieces to place along the outside of the shape.
Invite your preschooler to flatten out a piece of play-dough inside the shape lines to create a matching solid shape.
Use the mats for tracing instead of play-dough. Provide your child or student with a dry erase crayon and invite them to practice tracing the shapes.
Use the mats for a shape scavenger hunt. Have your preschoolers find objects from around the room that match each shape.

However you decide to use these mats, your preschoolers are sure to have a blast! Be sure to visit Erica's blog for this and other exciting learning exercises!

Happy Playing!

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