Picasso Light Drawings

While art and learning is a hands-on process, sometimes it can be just as beneficial to observe methodology and learn to appreciate masterpieces created by others. Because it will be difficult to capture your own light drawings without the proper equipment and setting, this activity provides a fun opportunity for doing just that! Inspired by photographs of ice skaters jumping in the dark with tiny lights on their skates, Pablo Picasso decided to try his own version of the elusive light drawings. With a tiny flashlight and a dark room, Picasso's light 'objects' ranged from elephants and vases of flowers to wheels and master squiggles. The difficulty of this task lies in the fact that the drawings disappear just as fast as they appear and, unless they are captured on film, you never quite know what forms you've actually created.

Taking from Picasso's own works in the 1940's, Joel Henriques, artist and blogger, attempted his own light 'creations' with a camera, flashlight, and a dark room. Your students will be amazed at the detail allowed only by quick movement and artistic ingenuity.

For fun, you may attempt turning the lights out and allowing children to play with their own flashlight drawings or encourage them to attempt this project at home under the supervision of an adult. You never know how this might inspire your students!

Picasso: Drawing With Light - Photo Gallery, 13 Pictures - LIFE Made by Joel: Light Drawing:

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