Patriotic Sticker Memory Game

Memory Game for Fourth of July
Photo Source: Little Family Fun

Add a patriotic twist to the classic game by creating your own cards with patriotic stickers. We love this idea that was featured by Linda at Little Family Fun! Super simple to set up and sure to provide hours of holiday entertainment.

Game Set-Up

You'll need white cardstock, patriotic stickers and a pair of scissors. Cut the card stock into identical squares (make sure they are large enough to fit your biggest stickers). Create matches by placing 2 of the same sticker on two separate squares of card stock.

Memory Game Cards for Fourth of July
Photo Source: Little Family Fun

Begin the game by laying the cards upside down on a flat surface. Have your kiddos take turns turning two cards over at a time to try to find a match! Continue until all of the matches have been found.

For additional simple ideas for your youngsters, be sure to check out Little Family Fun! Linda has a host of ideas waiting for you.