Patriotic Roll and Cover Games

Patriotic Math Games and Preschool Printables
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Jennifer Knopf of Herding Kats in Kindergarten created these lovely patriotic roll and cover games that we know would be a hit for Independence Day {and any other patriotic holiday!}.

There are several ways to play...

  • Provide students with a game mat and markers. As you call out a number, invite them to find the numeral on their mat and use a marker to cover it. Great for listening skills and number recognition.
  • Along with a game mat and markers, provide students with several dice. Invite them to take turns rolling the dice, adding or subtracting the number of dots rolled, and covering the appropriate numeral. [NOTE: Jennifer provides two game mats for addition practice and one game mat for subtraction practice.] Along with numeral recognition, this is great counting/math fact practice!

There are lots of great options for game markers - BINGO daubers, stickers, coins, colored gems, beads, 'patriotic' M&Ms, etc.

For these fantastic game printables, be sure to visit Herding Kats in Kindergarten!