Patriotic Preschool & Kindergarten Pack from Our Country Road

Patriotic Skill Worksheets and Preschool Printables
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While looking for patriotic worksheets and printable activities for Memorial Day, we stumbled across this cute preschool pack from Our Country Road that will provide your kiddos with a chance to practice various skills...

  • Numeral recognition
  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Upper/lower case group matching
  • Beginning letter sounds
  • And much more!

We especially love the patriotic counting puzzle {pictured above}, where your preschoolers are invited to put the numbers in order to reveal the picture, as well as the patriotic kids cards that can be used for all sorts of activities - a scavenger hunt, a game of Concentration or Go Fish!, etc.

For this awesome packet of patriotic activities, be sure to visit Our Country Road!