Patriotic Badge FREEbies for July 4th and Veteran's Day!

July 4th and Veteran's Day Badges
Photo Source: Little Miss Kindergarten

Provide a badge your kiddos can wear with pride this Fourth of July (there's also an option to honor our heroes for Veteran's Day)! Patriotic holidays are a perfect time to emphasize learning the Pledge of Allegiance with your kiddos. It could be around July 4th, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, or even Election Day. Spend some time practicing as a class until students can recite the pledge on their own. Then provide them with a badge to color to proudly display what they've learned!

Little Miss Kindergarten was kind enough to provide the badges as FREEbies! Just head over to her site to grab your download and get started. Once your students are done coloring you'll just need to mount the badge onto blue, red or white card stock. Here's what the FREEbies will look like:

Badges for Pledge of Allegiance Memorization
Photo Source: Little Miss Kindergarten
Badges To Thank Our Heroes
Photo Source: Little Miss Kindergarten

All you have to do is swing over to Little Miss Kindergarten to grab them!