Painting with Squirt Bottles

If you're looking for outdoor activities to do with your students, this art project should certainly make your list! It hones gross motor skills, introduces students to problem solving, provides a new way for children to observe primary and secondary colors, and gives students the opportunity to explore their individual creativity.

Supplies You'll Need
- Kids easel
- Thick easel paper roll
- Empty pump-action squirt bottles
- Craft paint
- Water Dilute your paint with water. You may wish to use watercolor paint tablets that dissolve or even tempera paint; either will work for this activity. Fill each squirt bottle with a different color and set them by your outside easel. Make sure that you have a station for clean-up once children have completed this activity. Fill a plastic tub with warm, soapy water and provide sheets of paper towel (enough so that each child can use one to wash his/her hands and one to dry).

While most children have learned to be respectful during art projects, remind your students that the success of the project relies on their willingness to follow directions (i.e. no squirting themselves or others).

Overall, this project will be a great learning experience and provide lots of outdoor fun for your classroom this spring!

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