Oodles of Apples - Tracing, Patterning, & More!

Back To School, Fall, and Johnny Appleseed Day Preschool Printables
Photo Source: www.kidsparkz.com

KidSparkz offers a great collection of apple themed printables if you're on the hunt for fun back-to-school or fall/Johnny Appleseed Day lesson ideas! You'll have to visit for the worksheet downloads, but here's a sneak peek at the awesome exercises they offer...

  • Apple Connect the Dots. Students practice counting/ordering numerals 1 to 13, while strengthening fine motor control and writing skills as they connect the dots to reveal the apple shape.
  • Apple Counting Cards. With these 3-part counting cards, your kiddos will strengthening numeral recognition, 1 to 12, and counting skills.
  • Apple Flash Cards. Students review the life cycle of an apple seed and practice putting the stages in the proper sequence/order.
  • Apple Tracing. Your kiddos will practice the proper technique for holding a pencil and strengthen hand muscles/control as they trace the apple shape.
  • Apple What Comes Next? Students strengthen visual discrimination, analyzing the picture pattern and determining what comes next.
  • Apple Sorting & Matching. Your kiddos will practice sorting based on different characteristics - size and color.

Aren't these exercises great?! For the free downloads, be sure to visit KidSparkz!