Narrative Writing Anchor Chart FREEbies

Printable Anchor Chart for Narrative Writing
Photo Source: Young Teacher Love

Kristine over at Young Teacher Love featured several anchor chart ideas for narrative writing that we love! Her example using a watermelon versus a seed is perfect for helping your students understand the difference between a broad topic that could cover several events and a more specific topic focusing on one specific thought or event.

Here is her first anchor chart, showing the difference between a watermelon idea and a seed idea:

General Anchor Chart for Narrative Writing
Photo Source: Young Teacher Love

She then provides a chart where students have the opportunity to decide for themselves what topic would be considered a watermelon and what topic would be more of a seed:

Specific Examples - Narrative Writing Anchor Chart
Photo Source: Young Teacher Love

As shown at the beginning of the post, Kristine provides a FREE printable chart your students can use for reference in their writing folders. She also provides a FREEbie chart showing more specific examples for watermelon vs. seed ideas.

AND - after you head over to her blog to grab your FREEbies - be sure to check out the additional anchor charts she has to offer:

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  • How to Choose a "Just Right" Book
  • What Good Readers Do

Each chart would be a perfect compliment to your narrative writing lessons!

We love the ideas Kristine offers over at Young Teacher Love. Be sure to check it out soon!