Multi-Skill Christmas Themed Printables

If you ever need to breathe new life into your preschool curriculum, be sure to visit Confessions of a Homeschooler. Erica - mother, educator, and creator of both the site and the amazing printables - offers lots of great resources and inspiration for exercises and activities year round. Recently, she released her Christmas printables and we just had to share! Here are our 'favorites' (to be honest, it was hard to pick because they're all fantastic!):

Christmas themed worksheet for pre-writing practice
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Christmas Pre-Writing Practice

Covered with festive Christmas trees, students will love tracing the shapes, lines, and letters found on this series of worksheets! They'll build hand strength and fine motor coordination needed for future writing success, as well as begin to understand directional movement and differentiate between mere drawing and writing. Print worksheets onto regular paper and have your preschoolers practice with pencils, or print onto card stock, laminate, and provide dry erase crayons to create reusable practice mats.

preschool worksheet featuring christmas trees with different amounts of ornaments and matching number stars
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Christmas Star Counting

Strengthen student number recognition and counting skills with these cheerful Christmas trees and stars. Students are charged with the task of counting the ornaments on each tree and matching to it the appropriate number star. Works great as individual practice worksheets or reusable classroom learning station.

Reusable Classroom Learning Station

  • Laminate tree worksheets.
  • Laminate and cut apart number stars.
  • Place one half of a Velcro dot on the back of the number star and the other half on top of the tree.
  • The Velcro will make it easy for your preschoolers to complete the activity then clear the boards for the next group of students.
worksheet for homemade dice game to build a Christmas tree
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Roll A Christmas Tree Game

To your students it will seem as if you're taking a break from lessons and 'learning', but in reality, this game will help them brush up on following directions, number recognition, and matching! Here's a simple breakdown of the game:

  • Students are given a Christmas tree worksheet along with a page of 'tree trimmings'.
  • Each tree trimming corresponds with a number - one through six. For example, the star corresponds to "6", the orange ornament to "1", etc.
  • Students roll a die and add the tree trimming that coordinates with the number they rolled.

Erica really outdid herself on this set of worksheets so be sure to visit her site for the downloads!

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