Modifying Classroom Instruction for Student Success

Dorit Sasson, writer and 'coach' for new teachers, describes how to adapt classroom instruction for student success in this article from Associated Content. The first step includes:

  • Determining WHAT students are expected to learn based on their capabilities and not on your own suppositions; and
  • Assessing (and continually reassessing) HOW students will be expected to demonstrate learning

Sasson surmises that, once these overarching goals have been defined, you'll be able to provide diversified practice to accommodate all skill levels, abilities, and knowledge.

Diversifying Practice

There are several ways to provide variety for meaningful learning including working in pairs or groups, one-on-one instruction, individual or classroom practice exercises, additional classroom instruction, etc. Accommodating Skill-Disparity

This can be accomplished through one or more of the following:

  • Modify the quantity of items students need to learn or complete
  • Modify the amount of time provided for a certain lesson, unit, or exam
  • Adapt the exercise or lesson difficulty (e.g. problem type, rules for completion, etc.)
  • Adapt the material for increased participation
  • Modify the lesson objective or goal
  • Modify the exercises to allow different responses or output

For a more in-depth discussion and article recap, be sure to check out Sasson's full article!

Thinking in Twos: It All Begins and Ends with Adapting Instruction! - Associated Content -

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