MLK Day Dream Weaving Craft for Kids

Dream Weaving MLK Day Craft
Photo Source: Rainbows Within Reach

How cute are these dream catchers featured by Debbie over at Rainbows Within Reach? If you're looking for a last minute project to celebrate MLK Day with your kiddos, this is the craft for you. All you need is a few classroom staples (pipe cleaners and yarn) and you're ready to get started!

Dream Weaving Craft

Each student will need two pipe cleaners to twist together in the shape of a heart (younger children may need help with this step). Once the heart shape is assembled, have students wrap the pipe cleaners in yarn and begin the weaving process (only to be limited by the amount of time and yarn you have available). It's as simple as that! And feel free to use assorted colors for the dream catchers. Don't you just love all of the bright colors in the pictures?!

Dream Catcher MLK Day Craft Process
Photo Source: Rainbows Within Reach

'Dream' catchers - what a great way to tie into a class discussion of Martin Luther King and his unforgettable "I have a Dream" speech. And when you're finished, don't forget to hang the dream catchers around your class for a colorful MLK Day display!