Mitten Themed Counting & Tally Mark Activity

Winter Mitten Themed Counting and Tally Mark Activity

Perfect for winter or perhaps an addition to an author/book study of Jan Brett's "The Mitten", this colorful mitten themed activity will have your kiddos building counting and number recognition skills as well as practicing with tally marks!

While the activity can certainly be tailored to incorporate the numbers you and your students are currently working with, our activity works with numerals 1 through 10.

Activity Preparation...

  • Download the free activity printables.
  • Print the mitten cutouts onto card stock in assorted colors. Cut out and laminate to reduce wear and tear.
  • Place the mitten cutouts in a bucket or envelope and set out with crayons and recording sheets.

How To Complete The Mitten Counting and Tally Mark Activity

To complete the activity...

Invite students to select a mitten cutout from the bucket or envelope. After counting the polka dots on the mitten, have students color a mitten on the recording sheet to match, then record the appropriate numeral as well as show with tally marks how many polka dots were on the mitten. Have them repeat this process until they've emptied the bucket of mittens/their recording sheet is filled.

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    Mitten Themed Counting & Tally Mark Activity

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