Mirror Play

Sometimes the simplest toys can provide the most entertainment and opportunities for learning. In the toddler or preschool classroom, unbreakable mirrors or mirror board can provides hours of fun. As children recognize their own image on the surface, they react. This reaction causes a change in the mirror image, sparking another reaction. As children learn they are responsible for these changes, they will test it out in many interesting ways; looking side to side, sticking out their tongue, and so on. This activity promotes creativity, the internalizing of simple actions, and even language development as children observe how their mouths work to create sounds. Full-Length Mirrors

If you have access to one, bring in a full-length mirror. Invite a student to come and stand very still in front of the mirror. Using a dry erase marker, add features or funny costumes to their reflection. Experiment with hats, glasses, masks, and other accessories. See what each of their faces looks like with freckles, a big nose, or facial hair. Find out their favorite animal and transform their reflection to match.

Hand Held Mirrors

Small unbreakable mirrors are great to keep around the classroom for impromptu play. Additionally, incorporating these small treasures into crafts can provide variety and guided interaction. Heather of Dollar Store Crafts provides a great activity to try this St. Patrick’s Day. With a few hand held mirrors, felt, craft foam, and glue, your classroom will be teeming with little leprechauns.

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