Melted Bead Rainbow Magnet

St. Patrick's Day Craft for Kids
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Perfect for celebrating St. Patrick's Day at home or perhaps used as a fun party favor for the classroom, these melted bead rainbows from Jenae over at I Can Teach My Child are simply adorable! We love the idea of inviting your kiddos to sort their own beads. Perhaps you might provide them with a simple color sorting mat or a color counting/sorting mat so they'll gather the correct number of beads needed. {See the examples below.}

Rainbow Craft for Kids and Math Lesson Plan
Example bead color sorting mat. Students simply place the beads on the circle of the corresponding color.
St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Kids Craft and Math Lesson Plan
Example bead sorting and counting mat. Students sort beads into columns, only placing beads in the squares that are colored. When finished, have your kiddos count the number in each column and write the totals in the spaces provided.

We also love how the aluminum pie pan serves a dual purpose - first as a guide for creating the rainbow arc and second as an oven safe container for melting the beads!

For the full project post, be sure to visit I Can Teach My Child!

Melted Bead Rainbow Magnet


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